Seasonal Color

We grow annual and perennial bedding plants throughout the year. There are several greenhouses for sun plants and several for shade plants. In the spring we grow a lot of popular annuals including Begonias, Dianthus, Zinnias and Impatiens just to name a few.  In the winter months we grow Snapdragons, Alyssum, Pansies, Petunias and much more. Our perennial selection includes Angelonias, Butterfly Weeds, Cigar Plants, Durantas, Esperanzas, Ice Plants, Plectranthus, Plumbagos, Salvias and Verbenas. Come in and see more varieties. Quite a few of them are Texas Superstars. Texas Superstars are field trialed by the Texas A&M System. During spring we bring in a lot of tropicals such as Hibiscus, Mandavilla and Bougainvillea’s to name a few. In spring and fall we have vegetable plants. Come see our Overhead Garden full and over the top with tomatoes and squash. We also have heirloom vegetable seeds for sale year round. We have trained growers on site so bring in your questions and needs.

                     - Spring flowering 
                     - Summer flowering 
                     - Fall flowering 
                     - Winter flowering