We carry a large variety of shrubs including the most popular, Gardenias, Azaleas, Boxwoods and Indian Hawthorns. Our inventory consists of 50 to 150 plants of each variety. Our suppliers come weekly, so if we are low on a plant, it is probably around the corner.  Our shrubs come in containers from 1, 3, 5, 7 & 15gallons. Grasses are available from 4” to 3gallons.  Vines are grown in sizes from 1, 3 & 15gallon containers. Bamboo can be purchased in 5, 15 & 30gallon sizes.  Come in and take a tour of our 12acre nursery you won’t believe our selection. We have knowledgeable salesmen on site to assist you with any questions you may have.

- Evergreen shrubs 
- Topiary 
- Privacy shrubs 
- For Hedgerows 
- Shrubs for sun 
- Shrubs for shade 
- Approved shrubs for The Woodlands 

Our selection of shrubs varies according to season. Please contact us for current availability and prices.