Our Nursery grows native trees such as Drummond Maple, Bald Cypress, Shumardii and Nuttall Oaks. We also grow privacy trees such as Southern Magnolias, Cherry Laurels, Bottle Brush, American Hollies and Japanese Blueberries. Bottle Brush and Japanese Blueberries are available in the tree form or bush type. We grow plenty of Crape Myrtles. There are 13 different types and colors, including a Dwarf (Victor Red). Some of them grow upwards to 10 -15ft and are ornamentals and some to 40ft. in height that will provide shade. They will also beautify your yard with blooms for up to 3 months. We can help you with your selection. Our trees are grown in container sizes from 15gallons to 200gallons, for instant gratification. We have 13 different varieties of Palms, including 2 species of Sables. (Texas and Florida) In spring thru fall we carry fruit trees. The Fruit trees we sell are for our USDA hardiness zone 9B and our climate.  We have experienced nurserymen on site, to help you make decisions about the types and sizes of trees to fit your property.

- Evergreen trees 
- Shade-makers 
- Topiary 
- Flowering trees 
- Fruit trees 
- Privacy trees 
- Approved trees for The Woodlands 

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Our Trees
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Our Trees
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Our Trees
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Our Trees
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Our selection of trees varies according to season. Please contact us for current availability and prices.